We all know Louisiana's roads leave quite a bit to be desired. Well, looks like we aren't the only ones who think so according to a new Consumer Affairs report.

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States With The Worst Road Conditions

In Acadiana and throughout Louisiana, we've become so accustomed to cruddy streets and highways riddled with potholes that most of the time, we don't even notice it.

Well, we become numb to it until we slam into a pothole so bad we get a flat tire.

Why Are Louisiana's Roads So Bad?

You can chalk up Louisiana's atrocious road conditions to a few things, such as State funding issues and flooding. Also, we just flat out have far too many old roads that haven't been worked on in decades, primarily because of the inadequate funding mentioned above.

According to tiresplus.com, poor roads cost Louisiana drivers "an extra $6.5 billion per year in depreciation, repairs, tire wear, and fuel consumption."

Wow. That's $6,500,000,000 every...single...year.

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Does Louisiana have the worst roads in America?

Believe it or, the answer is actually no but, but we're pretty darn close.

The reasons why Louisiana is on the "Top 10 States With the Worst Roads in the U.S." list are actually reasons we share with the States on the list.

From WGNO.com -

While Rhode Island tops the list, Louisiana finds itself in the top 10 for similar reasons. Funding, traffic, and climate are significant factors in the poor quality of roads throughout most states ranked among the worst.


So, what does the "Top 10 States With the Worst Roads in the U.S." list look like?

From WGNO.com -

Here are the states with the worst roads:

1. Rhode Island
2. Hawaii
3. Wisconsin
4. California
5. Massachusetts
6. South Dakota
7. New Jersey
8. Louisiana
9. Michigan
10. New York

The good news is, we're not the worst!

You can read more over at consumeraffairs.com.

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