It now looks as if you and I won't be paying more taxes at the fuel pump. A Louisiana legislator who had proposed a measure that would increase the state's gasoline taxes by .22 cents over the next 12 years now says he is shelving that idea.

Jack McFarland says he will not be introducing his fuel tax plan when the legislature opens its next session on April 12th. The reason is because of the influx of billions of dollars in federal coronavirus funds that could be used to accomplish what the revenue from his measure would accomplish. That accomplishment would be the refurbishment, restoration, and repair of the state's roads and bridges. 

That's what McFarland is saying on the record but his real reasoning could be based on the fact that the fuel tax increase was not widely embraced by the state's residents or bey members of his own party.

McFarland who is a Republican from Winnfield has been touring the state seeking support for his proposal but both Governor Edwards, a Democrat, and Page Cortez, the Republican President of the Senate have said they did not see much support for the measure.

Currently, drivers in the state pay almost 40 cents in taxes with every gallon of fuel they purchase. About .20 cents of those taxes are state taxes. The state's fuel tax rate hasn't changed since 1990. We currently rank 43rd in the nation where taxes on fuel are concerned.

Since McFarland's tax plan in its current form is apparently dead in the water, reports suggest that he plans to adjust the proposal to ensure that the state's current taxes on fuel are specifically dedicated for road and bridge projects and not be used for transportation department administration.

This of course will mean that operational funding for that department will have to come from somewhere else. McFarland's solution would be to propose an increase in departmental fees and earmark vehicle sales taxes for that purpose.

The Louisiana Legislature is set to convene on April 12th

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