South Louisiana is rich in agriculture and there are many families here that live and work off the land.

Chances are you know of someone who is or was a farmer in South Louisiana and many who do farmland will tell you that there are many dangers when out in the fields.

Well, for those with cattle or horses on their land, one main ingredient to preserving their livestock is hay.

Hay, which is used for feeding cattle and other livestock, is often stored in barns or perhaps even left out for the season. However, when the time comes for farmers to use the hay they must often pull it apart.

Well, with the hay sitting for so long at times things can get into the bales of hay that are being stored for later use. Sure, you may see rodents, spiders, or even small animals nestled in between the stacks of hay, but you may also encounter some dangerous insects.

In the photos shared here, which were posted on social media, you can see a very large nest of Yellow Jackets. The person who separated the hay had no idea that they were there until they were right up on them.

Hopkins Farm
Hopkins Farm

Luckily for the person who came face-to-face with these dangerous insects, it was cold out and the vicious insects were a bit lethargic and did not give chase. Had this been in the Spring or Summer, this could have been a deadly attack.

The person who discovered this huge nest, and there appears to be hundreds of them, was able to escape without any stings and they used their experience here to warn others who work or use hay on the farm.

These Yellow Jackets may be there in the winter, and they will most likely be there in the Spring and Summer too. However, as temperatures increase in the new year, these vicious insects will defend their nests and will attack if confronted or startled.

This is another great story to share with those that you may know who work on the land or have livestock.

Someone who is allergic to Yellow Jackets can go into distress quickly if stung by one or many. Check out these scary photos from the inside of a bale of hay.

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