A Louisiana corrections officer has been fired after allegations were made that the woman tried to smuggle something into the Rapides Parish Detention-Center-3 according to KLFY.

Officials with the detention center also say the woman was allegedly having sexual relations with an inmate. The inmate is accused of a serious crime.

Officials with the Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office say the whole situation came to light when it was alleged that a cell phone was smuggled into the jail by a deputy. Officials say 34-year-old Krystal Morris Peters was accused of doing the smuggling.

As investigators started looking into the cell phone situation, they began to suspect that something was happening sexually between Peters and 33-year-old Kenneth Pattum. The allegation is that the two were engaging in some sort of sexual relationship.

Peters was fired from her job as a deputy with the Rapides Sheriff's Office.

Officials say they had probable cause to arrest the deputy on the following charges:

  • Malfeasance in office because of the alleged sexual conduct with an inmate
  • Criminal conspiracy
  • Entering contraband into a penal instiution

She did turn herself in yesterday. After her arrest, she was able to bong out when her bond was set at $1,500.

As far as Pattum, officials with the detention center say he is incarcerated on a sentence of principal to second-degree murder. As far as this case, officials say Pattum just remains in jail on the prior charge. The investigation is still ongoing at this time.

If there is any more information at a later date we will update the story.

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