The right to carry a weapon for our own protection is a right that is guaranteed by the United States Constitution. Or that's what you'd be inclined to believe after reading the 2nd Amendment.

However, that right is often curtailed in many states as governments seek to control what could become an instrument of deadly force. It's that control needed for the ne'er-do-wells that really chaps the backside of law-abiding responsible gun owners.

Currently, in Louisiana, you can be permitted to carry a handgun on your person that is not out in the open. There is now proposed legislation that would do away with that permit for concealed carry.

Now, don't get me wrong, this isn't a law that says "pack 'em if you got 'em". This proposed legislation by Representative Danny McCormick makes a lot of sense for law-abiding responsible gun owners.

This kind of "constitutional carry" law isn't new. 18 other states already have similar legislation on their books. If passed Louisiana would become the 19th. The measure will be brought before the legislature when it's gaveled into session at Noon on April 12th in Baton Rouge.

[Correction: In an earlier version of this story we misreported information concerning classes and fees associated with Representative McCormick's proposed legislation. After speaking with Representative McCormick's office we were informed that there would be no fee or class associated with this new measure. The class and fee information we reported in the earlier version of this article should have been associated with the current guidelines to obtain a permit for concealed carry.] Townsquare Media makes every attempt to report information that is important to you as accurately as possible. We regret the error and appreciate Representative McCormick's office for contacting us and clarifying the story.

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