A Louisiana university is getting a name change. Louisiana College in Pineville is in the process of being renamed "Louisiana Christian University."

Louisiana College President Rick Brewer made a proposal to both the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees and the full board of Trustees of the school to rename the institution. The Executive Committee fully supports the name change.

The Executive Board is comprised of 67% LC alumni, and the full Board is more than 50% alumni.

Louisiana College
Louisiana College

“It was wholeheartedly and unanimously supported,” Brewer said. “This is in keeping with our mission of being Christ-centered. It’s a logical move. We are not throwing away our past. We are recognizing this school has always been Christian.”

Other names that weren't options due to already being in use were Louisiana University and Louisiana Baptist University.

“When I became president in 2015,” Brewer said, “I told the Board I came to lead a great Christian college to become an even greater Christian university.”

The official announcement will be made at the Louisiana Baptist Convention on November 16.

The "Louisiana Christian University" name has already been filed and reserved with the Louisiana Secretary of State.

Brewer went on to say that students today want to attend a university and often associate "college" with a community or technical college. The definition of a university is an institution of higher learning that has several colleges and graduate programs.

Current student enrollment at Louisiana College is about 1,250.

“The move to university will increase our prominence and marketability nationally and internationally,” said Vice President of Academic Affairs Cheryl Clark. “Because university status is more widely understood by international, graduate, and non-traditional students, we will expand our recruitment opportunities. Ultimately, we think that university status will strengthen our reputation and open new doors for us to connect more people with our Christian educational mission, our commitment to academic excellence, our dedication to outstanding teaching and student learning, and our focus on preparing students for lives of learning, leading and serving.”

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