The much loved Louisiana Children's Museum in New Orleans is closing indefinitely in the middle of August, another casualty of the coronovarius. The museum will close for daily visits, and officials tell the low attendance is a direct effect of the pandemic.

In a letter to museum members, officials say on August 17th the museum will move to virtual and offsite programs indefinitely. However, they did not say if any employees would be layed off or furloughed because of the closure. Museum CEO Julia Bland stated the facility on Henry Thomas Drive in City Park will close  "until families are more confident about the health of our community."

The museum had been closed for three months, and then reopened on June 17th, but ticket sales never picked back up. Museum administrators said all memberships would be extended to make up for the time the facility is closed. They are also exploring ways to facilitate their after school workshops, early childhood programs, camps, and small group programs.

The museum was previously located on Julia Street in downtown New Orleans for over 30 years, and moved to their newer, bigger building in City Park last year. Read the letter that was sent to museum members here.



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