A terrifying scene unfolded on a Louisiana highway this weekend, when like a scene from a movie, a trailer broke apart from a truck and crossed a roadway heading straight for a head-on collision with an Amazon van driver according to unfilteredwithkiran.com.

The trailer crossed the median and slammed into the Amazon van, and as it did so, the entire trailer went under the van on Greenwell Springs Road in Central.

As the trailer was ripping through the van it ripped a portion of the gas tank. The van burst into flames, and the driver was not spared from terrible burns.

The female driver was taken to a Louisiana hospital for treatment of burns to her legs and face.

Amazon Van Catches Fire 2
Photo courtesy of unfiltered with Kiran

Central Police Chief Roger Corcoran says they still do not know how the trailer became unhitched from the pick-up truck. The investigation is ongoing. Apparently, the driver of the pick-up had just dropped off a Jeep from the trailer before getting onto Greenwell Springs Road.

The pick-up was going southbound, and the Amazon van was northbound on the roadway. When the trailer broke loose from the truck it crossed right into the path of the Amazon van leading to this terrible crash.

Something that was on the trailer that went directly under the van ended up puncturing the gas tank in the vehicle. The delivery driver was unable to avoid a collision with the pick-up trailer.

Amazon Van Catches Fire 4
Photo courtesy of unfiltered with Kiran

The driver was taken to the burn unit at Baton Rouge General Hospital on Saturday afternoon shortly after the crash happened.

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