In recent months, RadioShack announced closures across the country, and Acadiana wasn't left out.

With extended "Closeout Sales", the RadioShacks on Johnston, Pinhook, Evangeline Thruway, in the Oil Center, and at the Acadiana Mall all closed down.

But did you know that there were still 2 RadioShacks still standing, operating, and ready to sell you everything you need to make a remote-controlled battery-operated voice-activated doohickey?

RadioShack, in its heyday, had a store within just a few miles of most everyone in the country, topping out at over 7,000 outlets. Now, the company-owned stores exist in only 7 states, and Louisiana is NOT one of those states. The 2 remaining stores in Acadiana, located in Abbeville and Rayne, are locally-owned.

Who is to blame for the near demise of the chain? The internet seems to be the culprit, with its ability to have everything you need to fix your doohickey.  Everything, that is, except for customer service. The internet will never be able to replace a warm, friendly smile, and the experience of a good employee.


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