According to the Advocate, a local couple hopes to create the Miss MAGA Pageant, to be held in New Orleans next year.

The Carlsons, John and Jessica, say that the pageant is open to all women, single or married. (Unless they are under 18, or older than 35, or aren't American citizens. Oh, they also have to have obtained "female" status at birth.)

According to the story, the Carlsons, through the pageant, hope to show that it's okay to be a conservative female and to have your voice heard and that conservatives aren't made up of "old, white, racist men".

The contest will consist of 4 categories: interview, debate, formal wear and, yup, swimsuit. The Carlsons said that they included the swimsuit portion of the competition to allow the contestants to display confidence in their bodies. That, and the fact that the Miss America Pageant dropped that portion of their contest.

Our mission is to preserve and promote the values of hard work, family, and patriotism that help make America great. We seek to empower women who believe in having pride in their country and who share their beliefs with maturity, grace, and reason. - Miss MAGA Pageant GoFundMe page

The Advocate's story goes on to say that the couple is trying to raise between $75-$100k before the competition which, they hope, will take place sometime in January of 2020. If you'd like to donate to their GoFundMe, you can click here to do so (at the time of this post, 6:30 PM Sept 8, 2019, a total of $50 had been donated to the cause since the fund was created on July 31st, 2019).

If you'd like to ridicule the idea, you can visit the post that is on Reddit and express your opinion there.




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