Idina Menzel did not want to let Luke Chacko go after he stole the show during her concert in Dallas.

Not only is "Let It Go" an unbelievably difficult song to sing, but Idina Menzel is the reigning Broadway Queen and even the best singers can't come close to her vocal prowess. None of that seemed to bother this little boy as he grabbed the mic and belted out the chorus of the song like a pint-sized pro.

The 11-year-old's big voice took Idina by surprise so she asked him to sing again, and it's no surprise that during his second time around Luke nailed the Disney hit even more flawlessly than before. Seriously, those runs though.

If you need more Luke in you life you're in luck, because his performance of "Defying Gravity" at a hometown talent show is just as epic as his impromptu singing session with Idina Menzel.

[via YouTube, Tommy Tompkins]

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