I don’t know about you but my children play with my phone from time and time and I would have to say this is something that I am constantly worried about.

This story has gone viral over the last few weeks and has a lot of parents thinking, "that could have been me."

One little boy in Kingsville, Texas ordered over 30 cheeseburgers from his local McDonald’s.


This little boy's mom, Kelsey Burkhalter Golden said her son Barrett took her phone and placed the order of cheeseburgers through DoorDash without her knowledge.

"My son was playing with my phone, I thought he was taking pictures but when I looked back on my thing it was ordered at the time he was playing with my phone," Golden said.

Some parents may have been very upset at this situation and while Kelsey probably didn’t love the fact that all these cheeseburgers were charged on her card she decided to use it as a way to give back to others. She posted on her Facebook what happened and asked if anyone wanted the burgers, and she even got some takers.

After all, was said and done Kelsey did say that she will be sure to take more precautions in the future so something like this doesn’t happen again.

Barrett even got the chance to hand out free McDonald's Happy Meals to River Hills Christian Academy in Corpus Christi.

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