Family Feud try outs/auditions are coming to Louisiana! That means if you've ever watched and thought you and your family could beat the ones already on the show, these auditions are for you!

If you have five family members who are related by blood, marriage or adoption, you could be on national TV! Family Feud auditions are coming to New Orleans November 23rd and 24th, 2019. Want to apply? Click here! Just think.. this could be your chance to hang out with Steve Harvey!

There are a few other requirements to meet. Like you have to be a U.S. citizen and they like contestants to be at least 15-years-old or older. Also, if you're running for political office or have appeared on two or more game shows in the last year, you are ineligible. Other than that, you just can't have been on Family Feud in the past ten years or be related to anyone related to producing the show. That's it! Pretty simple, right?

FYI, they haven't released to location or times for the New Orleans tryouts. As soon as we hear something, we'll be sure to pass the information along.

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