Legal papers filed in Los Angeles Superior Court by Britney Spears former body guard claim the ‘Toxic Singer’ had bad personal hygiene, used offensive language, failed to brush her teeth or use deodorant and he states she reeked of cigarette smoke.

According to former body guard, Fernando Flores, Spears refused to wash for days and picked her nose ‘unselfconsciously.’ Flores is suing Spears for harassment.

Flores originally launched a lawsuit last year alleging Britney repeatedly ‘exposed’ herself and made unwanted sexual advances towards him while he worked for her. In the documents, Flores states, ‘The sexual advances were unwanted for a variety of reasons.

Fernando Flores also alleges Britney’s diva attitude was unbearable and that she was mentally unstable, obnoxious and demanding.  He says she often required staff to address her as ‘Queen Bee.’

The former bodyguard is seeking damages, alleging he suffered depression and anxiety while working for Britney Spears. A representative for Britney Spears dismissed the lawsuit saying it’s another situation where someone is trying to take advantage of the Spears family for profit and fame.

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