Bambi first taught movie audiences that love is a song, and Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone's new La La Landa forthcoming cinema-musical extravaganza, aims to double down on the theory.

The actors, who previously fell in love onscreen in Crazy, Stupid Love in 2011 and Gangster's Squad in 2013, will repeat the trend in the forthcoming film, written and directed by Whiplash creator Damien Chazelle. In the clip above, the characters forge different paths in modern Los Angeles — Stone's Mia is an aspiring actress and Gosling's Sebastian is a jazz pianist — before coming together to enjoy late-night strolls, kisses on trolley cars and comfortable pillow talk. Or, at least that's what we'll have to assume — the 90-second clip is completely wordless, save for the playing of "City of Stars," an original song that Gosling sings.

La La Land also stars John Legend, who plays electric guitar in the trailer, and J.K. Simmons, who got an Oscar the last time he worked with Chazelle. The film will open with a world premiere at the Venice Film Festival in August and will be released in the United States later this year.

And if you can't get "City of Stars" out of your head, it's now available now on iTunes.

Watch the clip above, share your thoughts and hang tight to see La La Land in December.

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