The Louisiana Lottery has announced a Lafayette-sold Mega Millions ticket is worth $10,000 this morning. The ticket was sold for last night's Mega Millions game.(07/15/22). The ticket just missed the game's top prize by one number too.

If you didn't see the drawing last night, here's how the numbers came out.

The Mega Millions Website reports the winning numbers to be:

08   20   26   53   64   Mega Ball 15  Megaplier x5

Louisiana's Mega Millions players actually made out pretty well in last night's drawing. According to the Lottery's Big Wins page, there are two tickets sold in the state that are worth $2,500 this morning and nine others that are worth $500. We can only assume that the $2,500 winners had opted in on the Megaplier aspect of the game.

The Lottery wins page is also reporting that 21 ticket purchasers in the state have a ticket worth $200 this morning while five others are worth $1,000, Again, we'll make the assumption that the $1,000 tickets opted in for the Megaplier.

The Lafayette $10,000 winner was sold at South-End Country Mart on Johnston Street. Perhaps someone you know, maybe even you, pulled off Johnston/US 167 for a link of boudin, a cup of coffee, and $10,000. So, let's check those tickets. 

Google Maps/Google Streetview
Google Maps/Google Streetview

Besides the local and statewide winners, the bigger news coming out of Mega Millions is that there was no big jackpot winner. That means the top prize on Tuesday night will be over half of a billion dollars. Game officials estimate the total to be $530,000,000. Man, that's a big number when you write out like that.

The Powerball drawing tonight is nothing to sneeze at, it's an estimated $82 million dollars. That drawing is set for 09:59 PM Louisiana time. Ticket sales must cease at least one hour before the drawing occurs.

Please play responsibly and Good Luck.

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