At the meeting of the Lafayette Parish School Board on Thursday, October 19, they announced an extra check for teachers and staff, but that's not all.

All employees of the Lafayette Parish School System will be receiving a $2,000 one-time check. The money was allocated by the Louisiana Legislature this year.

According to LPSS officials, the check will be paid to all employees of the system on Thursday, November 30, 2023.

Lafayette Parish School Superintendent of the Lafayette Parish School System, Francis Touchet, says he is grateful to the board for making sure the money gets to people who work in the system because it will help with the retention of employees.

In addition to this money, there will also be a one-time check for teachers and other eligible employees in the system. The amount of that check will be $2,830.56. The check will be paid out on Tuesday, October 31.  This money comes from the 2002 half-cent sales tax.

Touchet also says the money from the tax will also be able to fund an increase in funding for base pay employees.

Here is what the press release had to say about the board's actions,

Additionally, the board approved a $750 increase to the instructional pay scale, aligning the two salary schedules. This adjustment positions Lafayette Parish as the second highest-paying public school system for a first-year teacher region.

Touchet says this money is in addition to the $1,200 stipend that was already given out to teachers earlier this year for their work during COVID-19. He adds that other allotments slated in the state budget for teachers and then sent down to each district will be discussed at a later time.

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