Most of us have seen, by now, the "Santa on a Scooter". Well, today he was shot at.

It was with a paintball gun but, nonetheless, it was a shot taken at Santa on a Scooter.

I personally know two people who have lost vision due to a paintball gun, so before anyone says "well, it was just a paintball gun, nbd, right?", let me say this: WRONG!

A paintball gun can cause bruising, vision loss, hearing loss, a crash; there are ample issues that could arise from being shot with or shot at by a paintball gun.

Now, with all of that being said, WHO SHOOTS AT SANTA???

Anyway, Santa on a Scooter is looking for the public's help in finding out who tried to knock him off of his sled with a paintball gun. If you have any information, hit him up on the FB.

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