Lafayette Parish recorded over $697 million in taxable sales in March.

According to a press release from the Lafayette Economic Development Authority, sales in March were the highest on record in Lafayette Parish for any month in history—even topping the colossal December 2014 holiday figures by $28 million.

A few obvious factors that more than likely drove consumer confidence were vaccinations that saw a progressive increase as eligibility continued to open up throughout the month couple with the third stimulus payment for Americans who qualified.

Another major factor was the easing of restrictions for businesses, allowing them to open up more offerings and service customers at an increased rate. It's also fair to assume that with more things opening up, wardrobes and appearances around the parish probably got a solid reset once we began seeing people in person again.

According to LEDA President and CEO Gregg Gothreaux, Lafayette shoppers are "ready to spend."

It’s clear from these numbers as operating restrictions are eased and businesses re-open or expand their services, shoppers are ready to spend in Lafayette Parish. Studies show that 80 percent of consumers feel more or as connected to their communities now compared to pre-pandemic. I hope that connection and community support continue to carry over into supporting local businesses to further fuel our economic recovery.

The record numbers were spread amongst Lafayette Parish, showing increases in all municipalities.

Lafayette (18.1%), Broussard (10.8%), Carencro (50.4%), Duson (29.2%), Scott (18.2%), and Youngsville (27.0%). Sales are also up in unincorporated areas of the parish at 13.4%.

With the record sales tax number in March, Lafayette Parish sales tax numbers saw year-to-date taxable sales reach $1.77 billion. That is a 19% increase from 2020 and %17.6 overall increase from 2019.

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