In January 2019, a Lafayette man named Seth Burch was arrested after local police acted on a tip and searched his home, allegedly finding photos of what were believed to be underage people on his cell phone.

At the time, police asked for people to come forward as officers believed some of the alleged illegal activity could have happened at places he has worked, possibly at church and within youth groups.

Seth Burch, mugshot from Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office

Now, two and a half years later, officers acted on a tip and went back to the same home on Avalon Street, recovering several videos and images on a cell phone belonging to the 31-year-old Burch that possessed alleged pornography involving juveniles.

On Monday, nearly a week after an arrest warrant was issued for him, Burch turned himself in and has been charged with 180 counts of Child Pornography. He now sits in the Lafayette Parish Correctional Center.

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