What was stolen from a Lafayette, Louisiana man wasn't about the items, but the gifts that they were and the memories that they represent according to KLFY.

The items that were stolen from Michael Barney's car may seem like something that you just don't hear about often, and that's probably true. Musicians love their instruments, and that is no different for Barney.

Barney says he had three sets of bagpipes stolen from him along with an Irish flute. It's not like he just bought these items from some store and can replace them. These stolen items are truly irreplaceable.

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Barney says it was a former teacher who made the bagpipes, and the bagpipes were given to him. You can't replace something so meaningful to someone, but you can return them. He is hoping someone will give him information on where they can be found.

The bagpiper says he wants whoever stole the items from his car in downtown Lafayette to know he really doesn't want anyone to get in trouble. He just wants his items back because the teacher who made and gifted these items to him has died.

There is a reward for the items if they are returned. Barney says he has a $1,000 reward for the return of the items.

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You can feel the sadness in Barney's Facebook post on October 20:

My vehicle was broken into while I was parked in downtown Lafayette and 3 sets of bagpipes and a low whistle were stolen. This includes my set of highland pipes that were made for be by a teacher who has long since passed away. I feel like most people won't recognize what uilleann pipes are: that might make them difficult to sell. If anyone knows anything, plz let me know. These are irreplaceable instruments. I am beside myself.

The biggest point on the flyer that people should pay attention to if they know something about the stolen items is that they are wanted to be returned, no questions asked.

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He offers two telephone numbers to call if people have any information. You can call 337-288-7707 or 337-852-9052.

To drive home the point of how rare these items are, the teacher who made Barney's bagpipes only made 30 in his lifetime.

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