The Lafayette Legend Dustin "The Diamond" Poirier has made good on a promise to his most recent opponent, Charles Oliveira. Poirier, along with The Good Fight Foundation, has donated $20,000 to empower the youth in Brazil.

UFC 269 Press Conference
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After Oliveira defeated Poirier in a battle for the undisputed Lightweight Championship belt, the Lafayette native made quite the promise to his opponent.

See that moment via @Oddschanger on Twitter below.

While quite some time has passed since this moment, Poirier is a man of his word and has followed through on the donation to Oliveira's home.

See the announcement via @thegoodfightfoundation on Instagram below.

Poirier and The Good Fight Foundation continue to make an impact both here in Acadiana and around the world with their generosity. This is just another instance of the Lafayette Legend being a shining light and representation of the place he calls home.

As far as Poirier's future is concerned, there is a bit of uncertainty. There were rumblings regarding "The Diamond" taking on Nate Diaz in what would be a pay-per-view spectacle. Unfortunately, no contracts have been inked as of now.

UFC 264 Weigh-in
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While we don't know when Poirier will fight again, it is clear that "The Diamond" has been enjoying life since working his way up to becoming one of the top-draws that the UFC has to offer.

One thing is for certain; the next time Poirier steps into the octagon, Louisiana will be ready to cheer him on as we always have.

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