Cowboy Mouth, a long time Acadiana favorite hits the stage at Parc International this Friday (April 5th) for Downtown Alive. The New Orleans based band packs 'em in, and has become a regular at DTA!

This week there's going to be an award winning- opening act. The Lafayette High School Mighty Lion Band, under the direction of Scotty Walker takes the stage at 5:15.

Mighty Lion Band

The Mighty Lion Band is currently #12 nationally. I've long felt that music education in our schools is a huge factor in a student's academic success. I'm also proud to say my daughter, Stephanie is an alum of the Mighty Lion Band.

Cowboy mouth will take the stage at 6. As usual, refreshments will be available at 5:30. PLEASE buy them there! That's what keeps you from having to buy a ticket!


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