Lafayette residents who enjoy zipping through the downtown streets on an electric scooter will have to wait a while longer to do that. At last night's meeting of the Lafayette City-Parish Council, a temporary ban on the scooters was approved.

Despite the fact that the Louisiana Legislature had already approved legislation that defined who could operate the scooters and where they could be driven, the Lafayette City-Parish Council still approved the temporary ban.

The key word in this whole story is "temporary". Several council members had made it clear that they wanted the city and parish to have input on laws and restrictions surrounding the rental and use of the electric scooters.

So, you can bet over the next couple of weeks council members will draw up their proposals on the issue, debate the proposals, and then eventually make a decision on whether or not scooters from companies like Bird and Lime will be allowed to operate in the city/parish.

In other City-Parish Council news, members of the council approved an ordinance that would provide financial assistance to the Lafayette City Marshall's office. The council also approved an ordinance that would allow developers of the Old Federal Courthouse more time to begin construction activities.

The council also took up debate on a resolution that would designate June as LGBTQ Pride Month. That resolution did not pass. The vote was four to three in favor of the resolution but in order for the resolution to be approved at least five council votes were needed.

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