Remember "Jam (Turn It Up)," Kim Kardashian's 2011 single that was so horrendously bad you couldn't help but keep listening? Well, saddle up, because this may top it.

The reality star, bless her heart, alerted her Twitter followers on Monday (July 23) to a horror movie she apparently made with the Cheetah Girls in 2008, and it is every bit as cringeworthy as it sounds. Also, it's called Meow. Let that all sink in for a moment.

Moving on, the "movie" — available in full thanks to YouTube user Wonder Ledezma, who uploaded it in three parts — stars Kardashian as the lead singer of a girl group called the Kitty Cats. Spoiler: She dies within the first two minutes, after she literally holds out her drink as a creepy masked man pours (assumedly) poison into it. Viewers are supposedly meant to buy that Kardashian (a.k.a. Princess) is so fixated on her Blackberry that she doesn't notice...which, yeah, checks out.

Anyway, the rest of this absolutely-must-watch thriller includes a road trip to perform for L-M-N-O-P Diddy (yup), a dramatic reveal of the killer, and a cameo from Rob Kardashian. (He was dating the Cheetah Girls' Adrienne Bailon at the time, which is why any of these people were together in the first place.)

We have so many questions, but most of all: Why didn't the world know about this sooner?

Watch all three parts below. You're welcome.

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