25 years ago today the lives of two families were forever changed. On June 12, 1994 Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman were brutally murdered in Los Angeles. The case remains open and is considered 'unsolved', although a trial was held, and the person charged with the murders, football star and actor OJ Simpson, was acquitted in 1995.

Ron Goldman's family has never wavered in their belief that OJ Simpson was responsible for the deaths, and they have made it their mission in life to hold him accountable. Although a jury awarded the Brown and Goldman families $25 million in restitution during a 1997 civil trial, Simpson has refused to pay, and has done everything he can to avoid responsibility for the murders.

And Kim Goldman, now 47, wants the world to know that she has not forgotten. She has launched a 10 episode podcast entitled 'Confronting OJ Simpson', which begins today. She plans to interview the major players from the 'Trial of the Century', including prosecutor Marcia Clark, and Simpson house guest Kato Kaelin. Her crusade for justice for her brother and Nicole continues, and as her father Fred points out, after today, Ron will have been gone longer than he was actually alive. #RIP

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