From his roots in New Zealand all the way up to his starry existence married to actress Nicole Kidman in Nashville today, Keith Urban has one current running through his day-to-day life that allows him to speak to fans: The language of music.

As Urban tells ABC News, he is always primed to play live and speak to his audience through his music. "I'm in the moment 98% of the time," he explains.

The singer also notes that he always takes the time to acknowledge the signs that fans bring to his shows as a method of communication. "I'm looking for something interesting, something that gets my attention," he explains.

"The best one, many many many years ago, somebody way up high had this huge sign, it said 'I pay your bills, I want to meet you,'" he laughs.

While Urban is completely open with his audience when he's on stage, he's notoriously cautious in regards to handling his celebrity marriage to Kidman. Although the pair are open about sharing occasional social media moments (even some where they sing together!) and recognize there is constant public interest in their relationship, Urban explains that overall he and Kidman lead an ordinary life.

"We have a real life in the sense that we do the most normal things, and we don't live on social media," he explains.

This strategy results in what one might call blissful ignorance of what others are chattering about. "It just floats by us most of the time and we don't give it any attention," Urban confirms.

Fans can watch the interview with Urban above, in which he details more about his life with Kidman and their two daughters, as well as the various ways he strives to reach out to fans.

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