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Kanye Is Annoyed That People Believe Kim Initiated Divorce

Kanye reportedly told a friend that he is "super annoyed that the story [surrounding his and Kim's divorce] is being constantly presented as her divorcing him." Apparently, Kanye has been wanting out for over a year, while Kim was trying to save their marriage. (via Page Six)

Chet Hanks Shoots His Shot With Lizzo

After Lizzo went viral with a TikTok describing her drunk DM to Chris Evans—and his subsequent reply—Chet Hanks took the opportunity to shoot his shot with the singer, telling her that if it doesn't "work out with captain America, I'm here baby." (via TooFab)

Is Your Phone Always Muted?

A poll of 13,000 people revealed that 1 in 9 people always keep their phones on mute, while 1 in 5 say that their phone is muted about half the time. (via YouGov)

James Charles' YouTube Channel Demonetized

James Charles has been accused of sending sexual messages to underage boys and is now facing some consequences from YouTube. The company has "temporarily removed Charles from the YouTube Partner Program," meaning he is currently demonetized. (via Just Jared)

Dating App Faux Pas To Avoid

People are taking to social media to name their dating app red flags. Some include having no bio, including the line "don't waste my time" in the bio, using overused cliches, and posting quotes from mainstream TV shows like The Office. (via BuzzFeed)

Arizona Woman Finds Slashed Tires and Finger

Francesca Wikoff from Maricopa, Arizona woke up to find her tires slashed in the middle of the night—but that wasn't even the weirdest part. Wikoff also found a severed finger by her slashed tires. The theory is that the culprit accidentally cut his or her finger off during the incident. (via AZFamily.com)

Colton Underwood Under Fire in New Petition

A petition has been created to cancel Colton Underwood's Netflix documentary—which is about his journey coming out publicly as gay—in light of the allegations of stalking and abuse from Cassie Randolph, Underwood's ex. (via Change.org)

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