First it was pickle candy canes. Then mac & cheese candy canes. And now novelty maker Archie McPhee has come up with a Kale Candy Cane, perfect for the upcoming holiday season. Or not. The company is claiming that they have 'All the flavor of kale with none of the nutritional benefits!'  Seriously.

I don't know about you, but I like my sweets, sweet. And according to Food Network, the oh so crazy treats are green and white striped, 5.25”- tall and come six in a box for $6.50. Sounds reasonable if you just want to try them. But if kale is not in your wheelhouse, then they also have pizza candy canes, or the soon to be popular Hamdy canes, which taste like, you guessed it, ham. Check out their official Instagram below to see some of the other wild offerings they have coming up.


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Kale Candy Canes! All the flavor of kale with none of the nutritional benefits!

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