Ed Sheeran's manager raised eyebrows on Thursday (April 25) when he shared a photo of his client on Instagram that is nearly identical to one Justin Bieber's manager posted a week ago.

"This guy! Something is happening," Stuart Camp wrote alongside a photo of the "Shape of You" singer posing in front of a green screen. Scooter Braun posted a photo of Bieber also posing in front of a green screen with the same caption. So, clearly something is going on between the pop stars. But what is it?

The first thought would be a musical collaboration, which wouldn't be all too shocking considering Sheeran co-wrote the Biebs' 2015 hit "Love Yourself," but as The Blast reports a source confirmed that they're working on a new project but was mum when asked about new music. Bieber has continually told fans he's working on a new album (though it may not be coming as soon as we thought). It's also been over two years since our favorite ginger released Divide, so could it be possible he's working on new music?

Whatever the project is, we can't wait to see what these two are cooking up. It's bound to be delicious!

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