This morning as I attempted to enter the employee entrance here at the radio station I was assaulted. Not the kind of assault that would make Nany Grace get that "bird of prey" look on her face but the kind of assault that was more creepy than dangerous.

The assailants, in this case, were June Bugs. Since it's June, I guess this is their time to shine and they are shining all over the place if you know what I mean. While the insects are not particularly dangerous to humans, they can give you the heebie-jeebies.

The bugs are attracted to lights at night. That means your porch or patio light or the light streaming out the backdoor of the studios will attract the bugs in mass. Most of the times June Bugs are just a nuisance. However, their spiny little legs can give you a bit of pinch should they land on you.

The June Bug larvae can be quite detrimental to your lawn and garden. The grub worms from the species can lay waste to your landscape in just a few short weeks if they go unchecked. If you notice some brown patches in the yard and you've also seen a lot of June Bugs you might want to consult your lawn and garden professional or contact the LSU AgCenter.

The best way to get rid of June Bugs is to just swat them or smash them. They often stick to window screens and will congregate around doors where outside lights shine. The good news is that their insertion into our day to day world is rather short-lived. The creatures should be out in force for only a few more weeks then their numbers will return to more normal levels.

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