John Mayer isn’t a player, he just crushes a lot. The ladies man was recently spotted ogling a new starlet, ‘Hunger Games’ star Jennifer Lawrence.

According to Radar Online, the Oscar-nominated actress and a group of friends spent Saturday night (June 16) at Medieval Times in Los Angeles. Dressed in festive time-period gear, the ‘Shadow Days’ singer and Lawrence were reportedly flirting non-stop.

“It was almost like she was a little nervous being around him,” an insider said. “She kept giggling and covering her mouth. It was cute.”

The source added, “And John was eyeing up Jennifer like he was a dog and she was a juicy pork chop! When he lays on the charm he lays it on real thick!”

According to the site, Mayer charmed the knickers off of everyone in the group with his quick wit. He even put on a British accent and ordered “beer-eth,” which Lawrence thought was hilarious. Later, the flirty stars went their separate ways.

If Mayer truly has his heart set on this fair maiden, though, he’s going to have to get in line. Lawrence has been dating actor Nicholas Hoult — best known for his role in ‘About a Boy’ — for the past two years.

Watch the John Mayer ‘Shadow Days’ Video

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