Just when you thought the #WhoBitBeyonce controversy had died down, John Legend's got us chomping at the bit again.

Fresh off a praised (no pun intended) live performance as Jesus Christ Superstar's titular character, the Grammy and Oscar winning singer-songwriter stopped by Ellen to discuss the show's success and the upcoming arrival of his second child with wife Chrissy Teigen. But Ellen being Ellen had to get the hot gossip and brought up the biting incident.

"We weren't there, first of all," Legend clarified. "But we know people who were there and they know who it was. We know who it was, but we're not talking about it," he said with a smirk.

"But I will say," he said with pride, "[since we were just] speaking of [my daughter] Luna , she had a milestone yesterday. She said Beyonce for the first time."

Although the sentiment was cute, Ellen didn't let him off the hook that easily. "Does Luna know who bit Beyonce?" she asked. He laughed and said no, but did say that the mystery biter is famous, thought he wouldn't confirm if the culprit was a female.

Teigen's keeping her lips sealed as well, and we're just as desperate to know whodunit as Ellen! Can someone please just cave and divulge this extremely important information already!?

Watch John Legend's full interview with Ellen below.

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