Competitive Gurgitator Joey Chestnut has bested yet another old record and taken home the Mustard-Yellow Belt. The Nathan's Famous Hot Dog-Eating Contest has been a July 4th tradition since 1972. The contest is held annually on Coney Island in New York where the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Stand resides.

Joey Chestnut has won the Mustard-Yellow Belt 13 times in the past 14 years, and is currently ranked first in the world by Major League Eating. Chestnut's previous record of 72 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes was broken this year when he managed to shovel in 75 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes.

The style in which Joey Chestnut trains and eats is what allows him to put away a seemingly impossible amount of hot dogs in such a short period of time. In the days leading up to the competition Chestnut stretches his stomach by drinking milk, fasting, and eating protein supplements. The style in which he eats also contributes greatly to his victories. By separating the hot dog from the bun, he can hold several hot dogs in one hand, and while shoveling those in he can simultaneously wet the buns in water so the bread won't slow him down.

The annual contest can at times be incredibly tough to watch, especially if you're grossed out by messy eaters. On that note, if you have a restaurant with a TV, it probably isn't wise to have the contest playing while people are trying to enjoy their meals.

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