President John F Kennedy was assassinated 56 years ago today. Did Lee Harvey Oswald act on his own? The Warren Commission concluded he did. I don't buy it. A Gallup Poll indicates 61% of Americans believe it was a conspiracy. You may or may not recall the events of that November day. I remember very clearly.

Reports have surfaced over the years that JFK's father used bribery & mob connections to swing the 1960 presidential election. "The Dark Side of Camelot" by Seymour Hersch explores JFK's personal life, and allegations of criminal behavior by Joseph P. Kennedy.

JFK appointed his brother, Bobby, Attorney General, and launched his "war on organized crime." It would appear the Kennedys stepped on a few toes.  Many people's opinions on the subject have been influenced by the Oliver Stone film "JFK." It should be remembered the movie was a dramatization, not a documentary.

Bobby was assassinated after winning the California Primary in the 1968 presidential election...coincidence?

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