Actress Jessica Alba got some good news Monday: the Honest Company, the start-up she co-founded and recently launched, has secured $27 million in capital that will allow the venture to continue to grow.

The Honest Company offers monthly subscriptions and front-door delivery of affordable, non-toxic and natural family products like diapers, wipes, baby bath, skin care, and home cleaning products. A portion of the sales is donated to, which supplies needy Los Angeles families with baby gear and kids’ clothing.

Alba, who serves as president of the Honest Company, said:

The overwhelmingly positive response we have received since our recent launch has shown us we need to continue dedicating time and resources to further develop our Honest brand and community. The new funding confirms our positioning and acknowledges the big need for a brand and service to deliver pure, healthy products that are delightful, effective and beautiful.”

The funding is being provided by Lightspeed Venture Partners, which has also helped get companies like ShoeDazzle, LivingSocial, Twitter, Zynga and Netflix off the ground.

Jeremy Liew, managing director of LVP, said, “I have two young kids, three-and-a-half and six months old. When Jessica and [one of Honest Company's co-founders, Brian Lee] told me what they were doing, creating natural, non-toxic, family products, I immediately understood the opportunity. All parents want the best, safest products for their kids.”

Alba herself is the mother of two young daughters, Honor and Haven. Watch her talk about the Honest Company below.

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