We've all done this. We make a purchase at a store. The item either isn't what we really needed, wanted, or it just didn't work. So, we pack the item up in the original box and take it back to the store to be exchanged for another item. There is nothing sinister about that, is it?

Take a look at this post from the Deridder Louisiana Police Department's Facebook page.

The man pictured is Patrick Drawl of Lake Charles. It appears as though he had a scam scheme to ripoff electronics retailers. Based on what police have told us, Drawl allegedly would bring an empty box into a store. Proceed to the department where the exact merchandise was sold.

He would then set down his empty box and retrieve a box that actually had merchandise contained within.He would then exit the store with security personnel none the wiser.

Except security personnel were more than wise enough to see through this scam. Drawl has been arrested on charges of theft. That arrest was made in Jennings just moments after the Facebook post was made by Deridder Police.

Drawl is currently in the Jeff Davis Parish Jail and will be transferred to Beauregard Parish where he is expected to be facing similar charges.

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