Jennifer Lopez has one word for her former chauffeur, Hakob Manoukian: countersuit. The pop star is firing back at her ex-driver, suing him for extortion.

In April, Manoukian filed a lawsuit against J.Lo, her manager Benny Medina and her ex-husband Marc Anthony for breach of contract (among a slew of other things). However, the suit states that “in the furtherance of this plot, he abruptly terminated his employment with Ms. Lopez and began to threaten her.” Now the ‘Goin’ In’ singer is seeking $20 million from the ex-employee, accusing him of blackmailing her.

According to TMZ, the former ‘American Idol’ judge claims Manoukian attempted to control her entire security team in an effort to obtain more money, but was denied. Lopez alleges that he then retaliated by threatening to release confidential information about the star. On top of all that, Manoukian threatened to take his information to the police and have her criminally prosecuted, that is, unless he was paid $2.8 million to keep quiet.

Lopez says Manoukian signed a confidentiality agreement that banned him from disclosing any personal information he was privy to. Meanwhile, she has dismissed Manoukian’s claims of being mistreated and not fully compensated for his services.

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