It’s going to be a long, hot, Latin summer. Jennifer Lopez has confirmed that she and tourmate Enrique Iglesias have a surprise in store for fans in the form of a new song that they will perform live when they hit the road.

La Lopez told USA Today, “We plan on doing some special things for the fans. We’re actually working on this really good song, a new song right now.”

That will be one hot tamale of a collabo, that’s for sure.

Lopez, whose new film ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ lands at the multiplex on May 18, confessed that she is “already working out” so that she is in tip-top shape for the trek with Iglesias. It’s her first world tour, so she wants to be in fighting form.

She said, “You have to train. Talking about going on six months of (touring), it’s daunting, it’s like whoa. It’s exciting but it’s still scary. Also, I’ve never done it before, so this will be my first time I’ve been on a world (tour).”

The busy mom-of-twins, who sees her second season as an ‘American Idol‘ judge end in two weeks, is also rehearsing for the outing. “We’re revamping all the numbers so they feel fresh and new,” she said. Even more so, they are changing things up so fans will get a customized set list, of sorts. She continued, “We’re doing all new arrangements for the songs –- but not going too far away from the originals, because people go to see what they love, so you don’t want to change it too much.”

That sounds like the perfect way to do it — a wee bit different, yet still familiar!

Lopez will have her hands full while on tour, since twins Max and Emme, 4, are joining her on the road. Her BF Casper Smart is also one of her dancers, so it’s all in da fam and she won’t really be leaving home, as home is coming with her!

“The kids will be on tour,” she confirmed. “I’m really excited about the prospect of taking the family on the road and going and singing my songs and dancing my dances. It’s all kind of romantic in my mind.”

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