A now-former Jeanerette Police officer is under scrutiny over allegations that he blackmailed a woman for sex and money following a traffic stop last month. The woman alleged that the officer pulled her and a companion over on a traffic stop purportedly for a broken headlight. The woman, identified only as "Claire", reportedly had a controlled substance in the vehicle as well.

According to a story reported by KLFY Television, "Claire's" companion was taken from the scene by a female officer and "Claire" was taken to the police station. It was at that time the officer allegedly made arrangements to take her back to her house.

It was after that initial traffic stop that "Claire" alleges the officer texted her for sexual favors. Over time, those requests turned to demands for cash as well. It was then that "Claire" decided to bring the situation to light and reported the incident.

According to reports, Jeanerette Police Chief Dusty Vallow is aware of the text exchanges between the officer and his accuser. Vallow told reporter Britt Lofaso that he did not feel the text exchanges supported the woman's allegations.

When queried about the footage from the officers body camera Chief Vallow told the TV 10 reporter that the footage was unusable. Since the incident was brought to light, both officers involved in the traffic stop have since resigned. However, an investigation into the allegations is ongoing.


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