One simply can't knock the hustle of Jay-Z and Beyonce. As a unit, The Carters have extensive careers in music, respective business acumen and now an estimated combined net worth of well over 1 billion dollars, Forbes reports.

According to a July 12 article, Jay and Bey's combined net worth clocks in at an estimated $1.255 billion. Yes, you've read that correctly. Hip-hop's favorite royal couple are officially Black Bill Gates in the making, with Yonce accounting for $355 million and Hov raking in $900 million.

The Carters' massive wealth is attributed to their several streams of income. Beyoncé's pretax annual earnings total approximately $100 million, largely in part due to her ability to to sell more records and draw larger crowds than her husband. The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour grossed $212 million from nearly two million attendees back in 2014. Not to mention, Bey's athleisure clothing line, Ivy Park, sold out almost immediately upon its launch back in April 2016.

Jay, on the other hand, is quite the investor. The rap mogul has built his empire by founding his own companies, such as TIDAL, as well as owning equity in other large entities. Back in 2015, the Everything Is Love rapper paid a reported $56 million to purchase the streaming service which is now valued at $600 million following an investment by telephone giant Sprint.

Together, the husband-wife duo cash out on their coveted joint tours. Their latest On The Run II Tour is expected to earn the couple as much as $200 million, and perhaps even more as they continue their trek through North America later this month.

To put it simply in the words of Hov: "Men lie, women lie/Numbers don't."

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