It's America, and I love that people can freely express their views. In my mind, it's the reason America is so amazing. The founding fathers knew exactly what they were doing when they made the First  Amendment about free speech and the right to peacefully assemble.

But as my mama used to say, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all". I wonder if Jane Fonda's mama ever taught her that.

Jane Fonda has been an actor for decades. She has also been a political activist for decades.  She is currently an activist for our climate.

Anyone in America can say and think what they want, but maybe a person should also consider the timing and the location of their declarations.

Fonda was invited to be the guest speaker on Sunday for YWCA Greater Baton Rouge’s fundraising event “Empower the W” Brunch" according to the Advocate.

According to the Advocate, the event was not only a fundraiser but also an event to honor several people:

YWCA 2023 honorees and highlighted their advocacy work. The organization saluted the achievements of Barbara K. Beckman, Gaylynne Mack, Melissa Flournoy, Nial Patel, Michael Tiptoon, Debbie Mire, Wendy Daniels, Alaina Boothe Bloodworth, and Gerri Hobdy.

Fonda can say whatever she wants on any topic at any event. She can especially do if she is being paid to be at the event. But is it wise or nice to bash Exxon-Mobil, one of the sponsors? IT'S TACKY! Why not just talk about your website, talk about climate change, but don't mention the people who helped pay you to be there?

And while she was bashing Exxon-Mobil, did she think about the fuel needed to drive or fly her to the event? Exxon-Mobil also has plans for the future through its net-zero plan. She didn't mention that part.

Congratulations to those being honored.

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