J-Lo & Marc Anthony

Abundant speculation has it that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's 7 year marriage hit rock-bottom because of a new man in J-Lo’s life.

The 7 Year Itch perhaps? Some say it's because of J-Lo's topless scenes in the film ‘What To Expect When You're Expecting.’ Others say it's because Marc Anthony has a bad attitude.

William Levy 'The Cuban Brad Pitt'

The Hollywood Rumor mill believes J-Lo hooked up with William Levy, a Cuban-born model and actor, also referred to as the 'Brad Pitt of Cuba.’ The duo appears together in J-Lo’s video 'I Am Into You,' where they share passionate sexy moves in provocative scenes.

Print media sources have also reported that soon after the video was shot, Levy announced he and his wife of 8 years were separating. Levy and his wife, an actress from Mexico, share two children together.

Lopez and Anthony reportedly say their split is ‘amicable’ and the separation is due to 'incessant arguing.'  But, the couple is not letting their personal problems affect their business affairs.

Lopez, Anthony and choreographer Jamie King just last month announced their new series ‘Q’Viva!,’a collaboration with American Idol creator and XIX Entertainment CEO Simon Fuller. The trio is scheduled to travel through Latin America in search of the most outstanding undiscovered performers.

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