I'm a big fan of scrolling through various social media apps for memes and other dumb videos. It's a pretty significant portion of the time I waste when I'm supposed to be writing up the news of the day or planning what I'm supposed to say on the air.

At this point, most of my social media time is spent finding and sharing memes - stupid jokes and clever quips that are typically culturally relevant to something happening right then or a near-universal experience we all share. There is something for just about everyone out there, no matter your particular demographic or interests.

And with new social media apps popping up all the time, there are always new opportunities to find new memes.

So I figured why not share some of the best with y'all? Here's what got us laughing this week.

Fantastic Parenting

First up, there are few things funnier than the things our kids do. Sometimes, though, they are either a reflection of our parenting or something we've desperately got to try and explain away.

And when you combine that with Reba, you get a short but amazing video.

And, of course, there are the exciting challenges of kids being out of school for the summer and all the fun they have together.

Credit: @Kelly_Bandas/Twitter
Credit: @Kelly_Bandas/Twitter


Context Is Important

We've all seen the viral videos and trends of people doing popular dances to the popular music of the day. But what's always missing is what these people look like when recording those videos. I mean... come on. There are people all around. How are they reacting to this foolishness? Well, there's an account called "Influencers In The Wild" that answers that question.




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The Long Game

Sometimes, our favorite videos fascinate us. Sometimes, we just don't know where it's going, only for it to take a twist at the end - and we invested a lot of time to get there. Here's one of those videos.

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Happy Birthday, America

Meanwhile, several people celebrated America's birthday - Independence Day - this week in the best way possible: With insane extravagance you could only see from sea to shining sea.

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What Made You Laugh?

What is your favorite meme, video, or joke this week? Be sure to share them with us on our social media pages!

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