(KPEL News) - Thanksgiving Week is upon us in Louisiana and, while this is a time to reflect on what we should all be thankful for, we can agree what's on the minds of most of us: the food!

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While the Thanksgiving Day meal is usually centered around the turkey - whether you like it brined, oven-baked, fried, or any other way imaginable - many of us are really excited about the side dishes!  I grew up loving rice dressing and, for years, rice dressing has been a staple in the Comeaux family. When I married a North Louisiana woman, I came to love a favorite side dish of her family: duck dressing.

There is one side dish that I have come to appreciate over the years: green bean casserole! For years, I wouldn't partake of it, even for a couple of years that my wife made it. Finally, as I noticed my taste buds changing - and I hated to continue disappointing my wife by not eating her green bean casserole - I tried it. And, I loved it! That cream of mushroom mixed with the green beans and french fried onions became something I craved and something I look forward to even on days other than Thanksgiving Day.

Well, apparently, green bean casserole is a favorite side dish of Louisiana residents too. At least according to a list Google shared with USA Today of the most searched side dishes in each state. Of the casseroles mentioned - green bean, cornbread, and sweet potato - green bean was the favorite with 18 states overall picking it.

Meanwhile, according to zippia, Google research they did says cornbread dressing is the most popular side dish in Louisiana.

Remember, these results take into account the whole state of Louisiana. Regionally within the state, there's no doubt that cajun crawfish cornbread dressing and other local dishes are favorites within those families.

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