Lafayette, LA (KPEL News) - If you enjoy having a drink and a meal with friends, you'll be excited to know that Lafayette's newest beer garden plans to open in February. It's not the proprietors' first establishment of this kind in Louisiana.

More good news: They are hiring for all positions right now.

The Yard Goat owners opened a similar establishment in New Orleans called Wrong Iron on the Greenway that offers dozens of beers and libations, food, and entertainment.

What makes the concept even more intriguing is that, in addition to their menu, they host pop-ups and food trucks, so you'll see a lot of variety in the culinary offerings.

A "beer garden" differs from a restaurant that offers outdoor seating in that you'll find that the space is built around trees.

The Yard Goat will be located at 116 Bertrand Drive, about a block or so off Johnston Street in Lafayette.

The rendering is impressive and inviting.

They need staff, and their application is fairly simple. The website form asks for minimal information.

If you or someone you know is looking for a gig, throw your hat in the ring. They are well on their way to opening to the public, and you could be part of their inaugural staff.

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