Baton Rouge, LA (KPEL News) - The Louisiana Department of Education released performance scores for school systems across the state on Monday, November 13. Overall, statewide scores improved and surpassed pre-pandemic levels with an increase of 1.4 points, and the majority of schools in Acadiana made the grade.

The state began monitoring schools in Louisiana and reporting their progress through the scoring system 24 years ago. The methodology is as follows, according to the Louisiana Department of Education.

Since 1999, the state has issued school performance scores for public schools, which are based on student achievement data. To clearly communicate the quality of school performance to families and the public, Louisiana adopted letter grades (A-F). All schools with sufficient data receive school performance scores.

Here's how schools and systems in Acadiana fared.


The Lafayette Parish School System's District Performance Score rose by 2.5 points to 87.3. The letter grade held steady at a B.

Fast Facts:

  • Three Lafayette schools improved their letter grade.
  • No Lafayette schools received an F letter grade.
  • The score for 10 Lafayette schools decreased.

(The number in the far right column is the previous year letter grade.)

Acadian Middle SchoolLafayette ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC64.7C
Acadiana High SchoolLafayette ParishHigh SchoolB87.4B
L.J. Alleman Middle SchoolLafayette ParishElementary/Middle SchoolA94.2A
Alice N. Boucher Elementary SchoolLafayette ParishElementary/Middle SchoolD58.2D
Paul Breaux Middle SchoolLafayette ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC73C
Broadmoor Elementary SchoolLafayette ParishElementary/Middle SchoolA92.7A
Broussard Middle SchoolLafayette ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB86.1B
Carencro Middle SchoolLafayette ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC62.6C
Carencro Heights Elementary SchoolLafayette ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC74.4B
Carencro High SchoolLafayette ParishHigh SchoolB85.1B
O. Comeaux High SchoolLafayette ParishHigh SchoolB86.2B
Katharine Drexel Elementary SchoolLafayette ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC72.5B
Duson Elementary SchoolLafayette ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB85.2B
J.W. Faulk Elementary SchoolLafayette ParishElementary/Middle SchoolD55.8D
Judice Middle SchoolLafayette ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB80.7B
L. Leo Judice Elementary SchoolLafayette ParishElementary/Middle SchoolA94.3A
Lafayette Middle SchoolLafayette ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC67.1C
Lafayette High SchoolLafayette ParishHigh SchoolA98.8A
Green T. Lindon Elementary SchoolLafayette ParishElementary/Middle SchoolA96.7A
Edgar Martin Middle SchoolLafayette ParishElementary/Middle SchoolA92B
Milton Elementary SchoolLafayette ParishElementary/Middle SchoolA96.2A
S.J. Montgomery Elementary SchoolLafayette ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC67C
Myrtle Place Elementary SchoolLafayette ParishElementary/Middle SchoolA108.4A
Northside High SchoolLafayette ParishHigh SchoolC73.5C
Ossun Elementary SchoolLafayette ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB75.5C
Corporal Michael Middlebrook Elementary SchoolLafayette ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB83.3B
Prairie Elementary SchoolLafayette ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB88.7B
Scott Middle SchoolLafayette ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC68.9C
Westside Elementary SchoolLafayette ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB79.8B
Woodvale Elementary SchoolLafayette ParishElementary/Middle SchoolA90.4A
Youngsville Middle SchoolLafayette ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB84.5B
Ridge Elementary SchoolLafayette ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB85.4B
Evangeline Elementary SchoolLafayette ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC74.3C
Charles M. Burke Elementary SchoolLafayette ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB76.1C
Ernest Gallet Elementary SchoolLafayette ParishElementary/Middle SchoolA99.4A
Live Oak Elementary SchoolLafayette ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC66.3C
J. Wallace James Elementary SchoolLafayette ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB82B
Early College AcademyLafayette ParishHigh SchoolA135.7A
David Thibodaux STEM Magnet AcademyLafayette ParishCombination SchoolA105A
Southside High SchoolLafayette ParishHigh SchoolA106.3A
Martial Billeaud Elementary SchoolLafayette ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB86.9A
Dr. Raphael A. Baranco Elementary SchoolLafayette ParishElementary/Middle SchoolD59.4C



Acadia Parish improved its overall score by 4.1 points on the district performance score and maintained a letter grade of B.

Fast Facts:

  • Three schools in Acadia improved their letter grades.
  • One school received an F letter grade.
  • Three Acadia Parish schools improved their letter grades.

(The number in the far right column is the previous year letter grade.)

Armstrong Middle SchoolAcadia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolF47.9D
Branch Elementary SchoolAcadia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB83.1B
Central Rayne Kindergarten SchoolAcadia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC63.6C
Church Point Elementary SchoolAcadia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC67.8C
Church Point High SchoolAcadia ParishHigh SchoolB82.3B
Church Point Middle SchoolAcadia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC72.5C
Crowley High SchoolAcadia ParishHigh SchoolC72.7C
Crowley Middle SchoolAcadia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolD58.6D
Crowley Kindergarten SchoolAcadia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolD58.7C
North Crowley Elementary SchoolAcadia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolD58.7C
Egan Elementary SchoolAcadia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolA98.9A
Estherwood Elementary SchoolAcadia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolA95.4B
Evangeline Elementary SchoolAcadia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolA102A
Iota Elementary SchoolAcadia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB85.5B
Iota Middle SchoolAcadia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB88.2B
Mermentau Elementary SchoolAcadia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolA96.6A
Midland High SchoolAcadia ParishCombination SchoolA93.2A
Mire Elementary SchoolAcadia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB89.9B
Morse Elementary SchoolAcadia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB81B
Martin Petitjean Elementary SchoolAcadia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC64C
Rayne High SchoolAcadia ParishHigh SchoolB86.4B
Richard Elementary SchoolAcadia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB88.4B
Ross Elementary SchoolAcadia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC61F
South Crowley Elementary SchoolAcadia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC65D
South Rayne Elementary SchoolAcadia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB88B
Iota High SchoolAcadia ParishHigh SchoolA99.3A


The DPS score in Evangeline Parish improved by 4.6 points, bringing their letter grade up from a C to a B.

Fast Facts:

  • Three schools had improved letter grades.
  • One school in the Evangeline Parish system got an F letter grade.
  • Three of the Evangeline Parish schools had their letter grades decrease.

(The number in the far right column is the previous year letter grade.)

Basile High SchoolEvangeline ParishCombination SchoolB85.8C
Bayou Chicot Elementary SchoolEvangeline ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB77C
Chataignier Elementary SchoolEvangeline ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC71.2C
Mamou Elementary SchoolEvangeline ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB79.8C
Mamou High SchoolEvangeline ParishCombination SchoolB80.2B
Pine Prairie High SchoolEvangeline ParishCombination SchoolB83.9B
W. W. Stewart Elementary SchoolEvangeline ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB85.1B
Vidrine Elementary SchoolEvangeline ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB77.2B
Ville Platte High SchoolEvangeline ParishCombination SchoolB76B
Ville Platte Elementary SchoolEvangeline ParishElementary/Middle SchoolF49.5F
James Stephens Montessori SchoolEvangeline ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB80.5B



Iberia Parish maintained its B letter grade, but their point score increased by 2.6.

Fast Facts:

  • Four schools in Iberia saw improved letter grades.
  • No schools in Iberia received an F letter grade.
  • The letter grades in eight schools decreased.

(The number in the far right column is the previous year letter grade.)

Anderson Middle SchoolIberia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC62.2C
Center Street Elementary SchoolIberia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC73.9B
Coteau Elementary SchoolIberia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB83.2B
Delcambre High SchoolIberia ParishCombination SchoolA91.3B
Johnston Hopkins Elementary SchoolIberia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC61.1D
Jeanerette Senior High SchoolIberia ParishCombination SchoolB86.6B
Loreauville Elementary SchoolIberia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB79.3B
Loreauville High SchoolIberia ParishCombination SchoolB89.2B
Westgate High SchoolIberia ParishHigh SchoolB81.3C
New Iberia Senior High SchoolIberia ParishHigh SchoolB86.4B
North Lewis Elementary SchoolIberia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB80.9B
Park Elementary SchoolIberia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC70.5C
Pesson Addition Elementary SchoolIberia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC65.9C
Delcambre Elementary SchoolIberia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolA95.8B
St. Charles Street Elementary SchoolIberia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC72.7C
Daspit Road Elementary SchoolIberia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB78.9B
Sugarland Elementary SchoolIberia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolD53D
Belle Place Middle SchoolIberia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB79.5B
Iberia Middle SchoolIberia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC71.9C
Jefferson Island Road ElementaryIberia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB84.2B
Magnolia ElementaryIberia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC66.2C
Caneview Elementary SchoolIberia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB79B
Belle Place Elementary SchoolIberia ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC72.2B



The DPS score went up in St. Landry Parish by 2.5 points and showed no change in the C letter grade.

Fast Facts:

  • Seven schools got better letter grades than the previous year.
  • Two schools received an F letter grade.
  • The DPS score for four schools dropped.

(The number in the far right column is the previous year letter grade.)

Cankton Elementary SchoolSt. Landry ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC67.7C
Central Middle SchoolSt. Landry ParishElementary/Middle SchoolD50.6D
East Elementary SchoolSt. Landry ParishElementary/Middle SchoolA93.8A
Eunice Elementary SchoolSt. Landry ParishElementary/Middle SchoolD54.4F
Eunice High SchoolSt. Landry ParishHigh SchoolA104.8A
Eunice Junior High SchoolSt. Landry ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC74.3C
Glendale Elementary SchoolSt. Landry ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB77.8C
Grand Coteau Elementary SchoolSt. Landry ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC69.6D
Grand Prairie Elementary SchoolSt. Landry ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB77.9B
Grolee Elementary SchoolSt. Landry ParishElementary/Middle SchoolD51.1F
Krotz Springs Elementary SchoolSt. Landry ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB79.4C
Lawtell Elementary SchoolSt. Landry ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC60.4C
Leonville Elementary SchoolSt. Landry ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB76.5C
Northeast Elementary SchoolSt. Landry ParishElementary/Middle SchoolD56.9D
Opelousas Junior High SchoolSt. Landry ParishElementary/Middle SchoolF48.7F
Opelousas Senior High SchoolSt. Landry ParishHigh SchoolC68.2C
Palmetto Elementary SchoolSt. Landry ParishElementary/Middle SchoolA97.6A
Park Vista Elementary SchoolSt. Landry ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC67.9C
Port Barre Elementary SchoolSt. Landry ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC73.2C
Port Barre Middle SchoolSt. Landry ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC73C
Opelousas Middle SchoolSt. Landry ParishElementary/Middle SchoolF43.3F
Sunset Middle SchoolSt. Landry ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC63.2C
Washington Elementary SchoolSt. Landry ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC67.9D
North Central High SchoolSt. Landry ParishCombination SchoolD56.2C
Beau Chene High SchoolSt. Landry ParishHigh SchoolC71.7C
Northwest High SchoolSt. Landry ParishHigh SchoolB79.3B
Arnaudville Middle SchoolSt. Landry ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB82.7B
Plaisance Middle SchoolSt. Landry ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC69.2C
Port Barre High SchoolSt. Landry ParishHigh SchoolB84.6B
Magnet Academy for Cultural ArtsSt. Landry ParishCombination SchoolA111.9A
Creswell Middle SchoolSt. Landry ParishElementary/Middle SchoolD57.6D
Ecole Saint-LandrySt. Landry ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC71C



St. Martin Parish maintained a C letter grade but increased their score by 4.6 points.

Fast Facts:

  • Seven schools showed improvement in their letter grades.
  • Only one school received an F letter grade.
  • Two St. Martin Parish schools got lower scores than in the previous year.

(The number in the far right column is the previous year letter grade.)

Breaux Bridge Elementary SchoolSt. Martin ParishElementary/Middle SchoolD50.8F
Breaux Bridge Junior High SchoolSt. Martin ParishElementary/Middle SchoolF43.4F
Breaux Bridge Primary SchoolSt. Martin ParishElementary/Middle SchoolD52.7F
Breaux Bridge High SchoolSt. Martin ParishHigh SchoolC73.6B
Cecilia Junior High SchoolSt. Martin ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC64.1D
Cecilia Primary SchoolSt. Martin ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB79.6C
Cecilia High SchoolSt. Martin ParishHigh SchoolB88.9B
Parks Middle SchoolSt. Martin ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC68.8C
Parks Primary SchoolSt. Martin ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB86.4B
Early Learning CenterSt. Martin ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC67.1D
St. Martinville Junior High SchoolSt. Martin ParishElementary/Middle SchoolD59.8D
St. Martinville Primary SchoolSt. Martin ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC67.4D
St. Martinville Senior High SchoolSt. Martin ParishHigh SchoolB82.4B
Stephensville Elementary SchoolSt. Martin ParishElementary/Middle SchoolA96.1A
Teche Elementary SchoolSt. Martin ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB79.2C



St. Mary Parish schools improved their overall score by .6 points, holding steady at a B letter grade.

Fast Facts:

  • Six schools showed improvement in their letter grades.
  • One school in St. Mary Parish was graded with an F.
  • Nine schools in the district scored fewer points than the previous year.

(The number in the far right column is the previous year letter grade.)

J.S. Aucoin Elementary SchoolSt. Mary ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB80.3B
Bayou Vista Elementary SchoolSt. Mary ParishElementary/Middle SchoolA92.7B
Berwick Elementary SchoolSt. Mary ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB86.6B
Berwick Junior High SchoolSt. Mary ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB79.1B
Berwick High SchoolSt. Mary ParishHigh SchoolA92.4A
Centerville High SchoolSt. Mary ParishCombination SchoolB80B
W.P. Foster Elementary SchoolSt. Mary ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC61.2D
Franklin Junior High SchoolSt. Mary ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC63.7C
Franklin Senior High SchoolSt. Mary ParishHigh SchoolA90.1A
LaGrange Elementary SchoolSt. Mary ParishElementary/Middle SchoolF44.9F
Julia B. Maitland SchoolSt. Mary ParishElementary/Middle SchoolD55.1D
Morgan City Junior High SchoolSt. Mary ParishElementary/Middle SchoolD58.6C
Morgan City High SchoolSt. Mary ParishHigh SchoolB89.4A
Patterson Junior High SchoolSt. Mary ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB76.6C
Patterson High SchoolSt. Mary ParishHigh SchoolB89.3A
Hattie A. Watts Elementary SchoolSt. Mary ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB75.7B
Wyandotte Elementary SchoolSt. Mary ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC74.3B
M.E. Norman Elementary SchoolSt. Mary ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC67.9C
B. Edward Boudreaux Middle SchoolSt. Mary ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC74.7C
West St. Mary High SchoolSt. Mary ParishHigh SchoolA90.6B
Raintree Elementary SchoolSt. Mary ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC69.4D



The Vermilion Parish School System ranked as the school with the highest score in Acadiana and sits on the list of top 10 districts in Louisiana with an increase of 1.9 points and a DPS score of 91.1. Vermilion Parish is the only school system in the Acadiana area to achieve "A" status.

Fast Facts:

  • Two schools in Vermilion Parish raised their letter grades.
  • No schools in Vermilion got an F letter grade.
  • Six schools in Vermilion had a decrease in scores.

(The number in the far right column is the previous year letter grade.)

Abbeville High SchoolVermilion ParishHigh SchoolB82.2B
Dozier Elementary SchoolVermilion ParishElementary/Middle SchoolA93.4B
Eaton Park Elementary SchoolVermilion ParishElementary/Middle SchoolD59.3D
Erath High SchoolVermilion ParishHigh SchoolA109.1A
Forked Island/E. Broussard Elem SchoolVermilion ParishElementary/Middle SchoolA91A
Gueydan High SchoolVermilion ParishCombination SchoolB88.8B
James A. Herod Elementary SchoolVermilion ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC60.5D
Kaplan Elementary SchoolVermilion ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB87.7A
Kaplan High SchoolVermilion ParishHigh SchoolA108.1A
Cecil Picard Elementary School at MauriceVermilion ParishElementary/Middle SchoolA96.5A
Meaux Elementary SchoolVermilion ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB86.8B
North Vermilion High SchoolVermilion ParishHigh SchoolA105.4A
Jesse Owens Elementary SchoolVermilion ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB84.8B
Rene A. Rost Middle SchoolVermilion ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB79.5B
Seventh Ward Elementary SchoolVermilion ParishElementary/Middle SchoolA94.9A
J.H. Williams Middle SchoolVermilion ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC60D
Erath Middle SchoolVermilion ParishElementary/Middle SchoolA91.7A
Indian Bayou Elementary SchoolVermilion ParishElementary/Middle SchoolA96.5A
Leblanc Elementary SchoolVermilion ParishElementary/Middle SchoolC74.9B
North Vermilion Middle SchoolVermilion ParishElementary/Middle SchoolB86.4B

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