The Lafayette Parish School System (LPSS) is kicking off one of its coolest new projects to date. By teaming up with Kenworth of Louisiana - Lafayette, LPSS is aiming to make school bus rides a lot more comfortable for students. With a nod from then-interim Superintendent Francis Touchet and support from the previous board, LPSS is tackling the hot issue of buses without proper air conditioning. They plan to have AC units installed on 116 buses by July 2024, just in time for the new school year.

In Louisiana's heat, riding a bus without AC can be brutal. This plan to put air conditioning on buses will not only make rides cooler but safer for students as well. Superintendent Touchet also mentioned how this could help keep bus drivers happy and on the job, since they'll have a vastly improved environment to work in.

Adding AC to buses isn't just about comfort on the daily commute to school; it's also going to help with school sports and clubs. With cooler buses, students can travel more comfortably to games and events. Touchet brought up how last year's heat made it really tough for everyone and stressed the importance of having better air flow on buses.

LPSS isn't stopping with just these buses, either. They plan to have air conditioning on all new buses they buy, making sure students always have a cool ride to and from school.

Check out more here via the official LPSS announcement.

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