Louisiana and Texas animal shelters, along with those across the country, struggle with overpopulation daily. Most of them, including Lafayette Animal Shelter and Care Center, do a great job sharing the sweet faces of furry friends that need to be adopted. Pictures of the animals needing families are worth a thousand words, but a humane society in Texas has added a hilarious message to each post that punctuates each pet's personality.


Eddie drew the attention of USA today after the Humane Society of Wichita County in Texas when the no-kill shelter posted a picture of the dachshund mix with an entertaining, if not frightening, message.

The shelter introduced Eddie to potential adopters on October 30, but things went downhill from the "nervous" dog they thought he was.

Shelter personnel discovered that a lot of anger issues were pent up inside that little body. A later post revealed the dog, dubbed A$$hole Eddie, had a much darker side. Undeterred, his caretakers crafted a hilarious post, begging for someone to adopt the little dude who "could take on a Rottweiler and win."

It's hard to look at that face and think he wants to rip your throat out.

Shelter director Cheryl Heineken told USA Today that, within hours, Ahole Eddie was adopted.

The fun didn't stop with Eddie's adoption, though. He has become so famous that he has his own Facebook page, and the posts will keep you laughing until your sides hurt.


Eddie was found as a stray.

Animals fill a special place in our hearts, but shelter overpopulation happens because people don't put enough thought into the decision to get a pet. They grow and require attention. They need food, exercise, and regular checkups that aren't cheap. As soon as the honeymoon is over, the maybe-well-meaning person who took them in decides to drop them off at a no-kill shelter.

Shelters, though, don't have unlimited resources or space. Someone is footing the bill for food and medical expenses. Buildings can only hold a specific number of animals in appropriate kennels.

They all need help and applause to Eddie and his "hoomans" for lending his voice to lend a paw.

We all know it's difficult to see those sweet faces as we scroll through our social media feeds. I want all of them! The posts request that we consider adoption or a donation to help them cover expenses.

Tired of seeing those? Me, too. It's hard to scroll past!

So, here's the solution.

Don't adopt or get an animal unless you're prepared to take proper care of it. Make sure your animal is spayed or neutered. Period.


Eddie probably just needed to find the right "hooman" to match his personality. Now, we can all watch him thrive and stay his beer-drinkin, chain-smokin, sassy self. Based on his Facebook page, his last name must be Travolta.

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