One of the fastest-growing and most popular brands along the nation's interstates has announced another major expansion.

Buc-ee's has named ten cities that will soon host a new location. It's always a major investment of land, but each rest station you visit seems to always be packed. Often, it seems less like a gas station and more like a small city in and of itself.

Buc-ee's is famous for its freshly made snacks, sandwiches, and jerky. They also have a selection of baked goods and a deli with a variety of hot food options, which is unusual for a convenience store.  Buc-ee's offers a vast array of products, including snacks, beverages, clothing, gifts, and Texas-themed souvenirs - some of which you can now get locally.


Many people visit Buc-ee's not only for convenience but also to shop for unique items. Buc-ee's is known for its exceptionally clean facilities, including spacious and well-maintained restrooms. Cleanliness is a top priority for the chain, and this reputation sets it apart from many other convenience stores and rest stops. Buc-ee's is often seen as a quintessential Texas experience. The chain embraces a Texas-themed aesthetic, with giant beaver mascots, Texas-themed merchandise, and a strong focus on Texas culture.

But it's expanded well beyond Texas, and its influence is continuing to grow. Here are the newest locations announced by the company.

10 New Buc-ee's Locations Coming Soon

The popular rest stop chain has announced several new locations will be coming in the future. Check out the list now.

Gallery Credit: Joe Cunningham

What About Louisiana?

There is one location in north Louisiana that is currently underway, but that is the only planned Buc-ee's location in the state on the schedule for right now.

Of course, we know that Acadiana has been clamoring for its own Buc-ee's for years, and while I-10 is certainly getting some love from the chain, south Louisiana does not appear to be on its radar. Yet.

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